Seaweed Recipes

Spiced sweet potato and chickpea burger

This sweet potato and chickpea burger is spiced with Lofoten Seaweed's BBQ & Meat spice blend - a hot and smoky blend of smoked paprika, chilli, garlic and winged kelp. This take on a classic veggie burger recipe is made extra delicious by the addition of seaweed, a natural flavour-enhancer that makes every other flavour pop! This is a vegetarian recipe that can easily be made vegan by swapping out the aioli or mayo for a plant-based alternative, like ketchup! If you have time, putting the burger mixture into the fridge for a couple of hours (or even overnight) helps the patties keep their shape when frying.

spiced chickpea burger with lofoten seaweed spices
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salmon nigiri with nori crisp

Salmon nigiri with nori crisps

pizza with red onion

Seaweed pesto pizza with red onion

smoked seaweed focaccia

Smoked Seaweed Focaccia

Butterbean stew with sugar kelp

Butterbean stew with sugar kelp

Poke bowl with algae pearls lofoten seaweed

Poke bowl with tofu and algae pearls

fish tacos with lofoten seaweed spice blend

Fish tacos with seaweed

Arctic Ocean Greens smoothie

Seaweed Smoothie

creamy pasta with chanterelles spinach and seaweed spice mix

Seaweed tagliatelle with spinach and chanterelles

seaweed granola

Seaweed Granola

Oatmeal with seaweed

Oatmeal with honey, nuts and seaweed

aioli with lofoten seaweed arctic ocean greens

Seaweed aioli

stuffed chicken with lofoten seaweed

Stuffed chicken breasts with mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes

fish with pink pickled onions and seaweed

Baked cod with white wine sauce

bowl of dashi

Japanese soup stock (Dashi)

Arancini recipe

Seaweed Arancini Balls

sweet potato fries with truffle seaweed

Sweet potato fries with truffle seaweed salt

prawn noodle salad with winged kelp on a plate

Winged kelp salad with noodles and prawns

wakame butter rice porridge

Rice porridge with mushrooms and winged kelp

quinoa salad with seaweed and vegetables

Quinoa salad with Mediterranean vegetables

crispy tofu with lofoten seaweed

Crispy fried tofu

Potato blinis with sour cream and algae pearls

Potato blinis with sour cream and algae pearls

salmon gravlax

Kelp-cured salmon (Gravlax)

wild mushroom pizza

Wild mushroom pizza with truffle seaweed

open sandwich with salmon and algae pearls

Open sandwich with smoked salmon and algae pearls

poke bowl with lofoten seaweed

Poke bowl with salmon and furikake

stir fry noodles

Simple stir fry noodles

creamy fish soup

Norwegian fish soup with seaweed

Pesto recipe

Seaweed Pesto

bread with avocado and seaweed tartare

Seaweed Tartare

dulse brownies

Vegan brownies with dulse

Seaweed Pesto Buns


Dulse, beetroot and apple salad

Hummus recipe

Seaweed Hummus

omelet rolls with winged kelp on a plate

Seaweed omelet roll

Winged Kelp

Winged Kelp Fried Rice

carrot soup

Sweet Potato and Squash Soup with Winged Kelp

Pan Roasted Gnocchi with Nori

Winged Kelp Rolls

Winged Kelp Rolls (Kobumaki)

Carrot Cake recipe

Carrot cake with sugar kelp

seaweed gyoza

Seaweed Gyoza

Truffle Tagliatelle

Mushroom Tagliatelle with Truffle Seaweed

Truffle seaweed carbonara

Truffle Seaweed Carbonara

dal lentil curry with seaweed

Dal (Lentil Curry) with Winged Kelp

pretzel bites

Seaweed Salt Pretzel Bites

roast veg

Roasted vegetables

Almond Brittle

Seaweed Almond Brittle

chocolate chip cookies on a plate with seaweed

Chocolate chip cookies with sugar kelp

devilled eggs with algae pearls

Devilled eggs with algae pearls

truffle seaweed butter

Whipped truffle seaweed butter

crisp bread with seaweed knekkebrød

Seaweed Crisp Bread (Knekkebrød)

Cheesy seaweed scones - take advantage of our new campaign!

Cheesy Seaweed Scones

two hands holding a vegetarian rice burger with seaweed

Seaweed rice burger

coleslaw with sugar kelp on a plate

Coleslaw with sugar kelp

blue cheese and pear pizza

White pizza with truffle seaweed, blue cheese and pear

Seaweed pizza dough

Seaweed Pizza Dough

pickled oarweed with ginger

Pickled oarweed with ginger and chilli


Truffle seaweed risotto with leek and mushrooms

Naan recipe

Naan Bread with Arctic Seaweed Salt