Seaweed Pizza Dough

Seaweed pizza dough
The key to a great pizza starts with a good pizza base. Some like it thin and crispy, others thick and fluffy. The base can change the whole look and taste of the pizza, so it’s important to get it right! You can always buy pre-made pizza dough at the store, but if you make and shape the dough yourself, but the results are SO worth the extra effort. Our recipe produces a light and fluffy dough which can be shaped into a thin or thick base – whatever you prefer. The addition of seaweed flakes fortifies the dough with flavour, nutrition and texture. Try it with our pizza recipes, or create your own!
This recipe serves 4 & makes 4 round pizzas
Preparation time: 20 mins


500ml water
27g salt
1.5g dry yeast
850g plain flour
Arctic Ocean Greens, to taste


Mix the water and salt until the salt has dissolved well.
Add 10% of the flour and dry yeast to the mixture. Mix with a ladle until the yeast has dissolved.
Gradually pour the rest of the flour and knead. No more than 10 minutes (with hands or a machine).
Then take the mixture, add as much seaweed as you prefer, and knead for another 5 minutes by hand.
Put the mixture in a bowl and cover it with a cotton cloth. Let it rise for 4 hours in a warm place
If you have time, you could also let it rise for 4 hours in a warm place, then put it in the fridge until the next day (always cover it with a cotton cloth).
When the mixture is ready, shape into flat circles and add your toppings to your pizza! Try one of the recipes below for inspiration.

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