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North Norwegian fire meets Japanese finesse.

On a rugged coastline 100 miles north of the arctic circle, two women are taking Lofoten food traditions one step further…

Angelita grew up cutting cod tongues and baiting long lines for her fisherman father in the village of Napp. The ocean was both a lifeline and a lifestyle for her family. With her roots firmly in the Nordic fishing traditions, she developed a passionate curiosity about seaweed as the food of the future.

Tamara grew up in New Zealand, where her Japanese mother used seaweed in almost every meal. She brought her heirloom knowledge and love of Japanese cuisine to Norway, where she loves creating pure, authentic food with her favourite sea greens.

The combination of knowledge, experience and traditions from opposite sides of the planet is at the heart of what makes Lofoten Seaweed unique. From diverse beginnings, united by a love of food and the ocean, Tamara and Angelita are on a mission to bring seaweed back into the modern kitchen.

Lofoten Seaweed are proud to be a female-led business that creates opportunities for the local community, whilst taking care to minimise our environmental impact. We work with award-winning producers and innovators, and our products are used in Michelin starred and Bocuse d’Or nominated restaurants across Europe and beyond. We create innovative seaweed products for everyone from home cooks to pro chefs – straight from ocean to plate.

The future of food lies in the ocean. Try it today.

From Lofoten, weed love ♥

Our Location

Life in Lofoten is challenging and beautiful. Framed by snow-capped mountains that plummet into the wild Norwegian sea, our islands are at the mercy of ferocious storms and bitter temperatures. But we’re also blessed by some of nature’s rarest phenomena: the Aurora Borealis and the midnight sun.

Lofoten’s original settlements were built around Norway’s oldest export – Skrei, or Arctic cod. Our unique ocean forms the perfect habitat for the world’s largest cod fishery (as well as a myriad of other plant and animal life) because its arctic waters are fed by the warm gulf stream. As well as milder temperatures, the stream brings a wealth of diverse nutrients and minerals, which create a rich and varied underwater ecosystem.

Nappstraumen is a strait that connects Vestfjorden to the Norwegian Sea, after passing right by our doorstep in Napp! Full of fast-flowing, nutrient-rich water, it provides optimal growth conditions for seaweed and kelp. It is here that we harvest, paying close attention to the ecosystem to ensure that our relationship with the ocean continues to be sustainable and low impact.

We carefully monitor our harvesting locations and measure seaweed regrowth, logging our findings in a central database. We rotate locations regularly to ensure that the seaweed has adequate time to replenish, and we also work closely with a local, organic seaweed farm to ensure that our larger orders can be fulfilled without negatively impacting the natural environment.

There are around 12,000 different species of seaweed in the world, and nearly 500 of them can be found growing in Norway. Here at Lofoten Seaweed, we focus on six: winged kelp, sugar kelp, oarweed, truffle seaweed, dulse and nori. You can read more about them here.

Graphic showing the gulf stream over the coast of Norway

Awards and Mentions

  • 2020 – Winner, Entrepreneur of the Year, Norges Vel
  • 2019 – Honourable mention, Local Food Producer of the Year, Norway
  • 2019 – National TV commercial, DNB, Norway
  • 2018 – 3rd place, Arctic Value Creation, Norway
  • 2018 – Female Business Award, Nordland, Norway

Our Team

Tamara Singer

COO & Co-founder

+47 948 77 934

Angelita Eriksen

CEO & Co-founder

+47 906 73 522

woman smiling in front of fishing net

Steph Faulkner

Sales & Marketing Manager

+47 463 31 015

Kine Leiknes

Orders & Accounting


Marita Henningsen


Kyrre Bilben


Phone: +47 411 07 038
Email: kyrre@lofotenseaweed.com

Chiara Fabricatore

Chiara Fabricatore

Production Assistant

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