Roasted vegetables

roast veg
Roasted vegetables are a great side dish, and a fantastic way to use up whatever happens to be in your fridge. This dish is seasoned with Lofoten Seaweed’s Wok & Greens spice blend – a fragrant, aromatic blend of garlic, coriander, lime and winged kelp. Serve this as a side dish with meat or fish, or if you have some stock handy, why not turn it into a soup? Simply put the roasted vegetables into a blender with enough stock to cover it and blend until you reach your desired consistency. This is a great dish to keep you warm in the winter, and make sure that you’re getting plenty of vitamins and minerals.
Makes 6 portions


100g carrot
100g red onion
100g leek
80g red pepper
300g celeriac
300g potatoes
200g cauliflower
4 tbsp olive oil


Preheat the oven to 180°C. Wash and peel the vegetables, then cut all of them into cubes roughly 1cm square.
Mix the vegetables in a bowl with the olive oil and Wok & Greens spice blend. Spread the vegetables out on a baking tray and roast for approx 25 minutes until golden, stirring them every 10 minutes to ensure they are roasted evenly on all sides.

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Season your veggies, rice and noodles with this aromatic spice blend: garlic, coriander, lime and organic winged kelp from Lofoten. Innovative packaging technology and 100% natural flavours. This blend of natural ingredients contains 30% organic kelp, which has a high concentration of umami, and is bursting with vitamins and minerals. Wok & Greens has a round and intense flavour, which makes it a complete spice solution for healthy, delicious meals. Created for cooks who care about 100% natural, sustainable ingredients, and who want to add flavour and nutrition into their meals with a few simple shakes. Plant-based, gluten-free and totally delicious... it's cooking with seaweed made easy!
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