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Seaweed Almond Brittle

Almond Brittle
Nut brittle has a surprisingly long and broad history. Consisting of flat broken pieces of hard sugar candy, embedded with nuts (typically peanuts, almonds or pecans – though pistachios and sesame seeds are also known to be used) and usually less than 1cm thick, nut brittle has many global variations. Greek pasteli, Iranian sohan, French croquant, Mexican palanqueta, Phillipino samani, Georgian gozinaki, Indian gachak, Bangladeshi kotkoti, Pakistani sohan halwa and Chinese huasheng tang all share the same qualities as American nut brittle. The term ‘brittle’ was first recorded in print in 1892, though the candy has been around for a lot longer than that. Our recipe uses toasted almonds and seaweed for a rich umami flavour that compliments the sweetness nicely.
This recipe serves 4
Preparation time: 20 mins


100g golden caster sugar
50g butter
4tbsp water
100g toasted almonds
Handful of Simply Seaweed to cover top of brittle


Put the sugar, butter and water into a non-stick frying pan and heat gently.
Continue to stir until the sugar dissolves. Then increase the heat and boil for 4-5mins. You’re looking for a light golden brown colour.
Add the nuts and stir once before tipping onto a greased baking sheet.
Sprinkle on Simply Seaweed.
Leave to cool.
Snap into pieces to serve.

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