Scouting for seaweed in beautiful Lofoten

From Lofoten, weed love.

Located amongst the coastal fisherman at Napp, Norway, Tamara and Angelita are taking the Lofoten food traditions one step further. The future of food lies in the ocean. Our seaweed is wild-harvested in one of the world’s strongest tidal currents, which flows through the Lofoten Archipelago in Norway. Our vision is to bring innovative, easy to use seaweed products to your table adding flavour and nutrition to your every day meal as well as your gourmet adventure. Our seaweed is certified organic, sustainable, and traceable.


Our Seaweed Story

Lofoten Seaweed is built on a passion for a clean ocean, and sustainable, healthy food.
We grew up in very different cultures on opposites side of the globe. Along with our close friendship this gave us a unique starting point for combining the world’s best ingredients and the world’s oldest traditions – Lofoten meets Japan in an unbeatable combination of food traditions and a new taste experience.
We couldn’t help but give you the opportunity to enjoy the ocean’s super food. That’s why we and our team harvest seaweed in the icy waters of this archipelago with an enormous consideration for the rich ecosystem that lies beneath the water.

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