Scouting for seaweed in beautiful Lofoten

From Lofoten, weed love.

Located amongst the coastal fisherman at Napp, Norway, Tamara and Angelita are taking the Lofoten food traditions one step further. The future of food lies in the ocean. Our seaweed/tang is wild-harvested in the cold Arctic waters surrounding the Lofoten Archipelago in Norway. Our vision is to bring innovative, easy to use seaweed/tang products to your table adding flavor and nutrition to your every day meal as well as your gourmet adventure.

the seaweed/tang covered shores of Lofoten

Our Seaweed Story

Lofoten Seaweed Company is built on the heritage of two island girls from two very different backgrounds. One grew up playing in the seaweed/tang covered shores of Lofoten, Norway while the other had it served on porcelain plates by her Japanese mother. After ten years of friendship in different countries, they both relocated to Lofoten and took the plunge to start a company together. Although occasionally mind-numbingly cold, they now do what they love, every day.

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  • Don’t know what to make for dinner tonight? Tacos with some of our Umami seaweed seasoning sprinkled on top!
  • Nighttime seaweed harvesting! Much of our work heavily depends on the tide, so we sometimes have to go out during the later hours!
  • Seaweed is more nutrient-rich than almost any vegetable you would find on land. From calcium and magnesium, to iron and zinc, a spoonful of dried seaweed will give you all the minerals you need!
  • It’s barely considered work when your office looks like this!
  • No better way to enjoy staying indoors during stormy weather than with some of our seaweed chocolate!
  • Harvesting is in full force this week! The tides will allow us to go out in the middle of the day instead of late at night, something we’re very happy about!

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