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Oarweed (Kombu)


Whole leaf dried oarweed. Rich and savoury, full of umami with notes of mushroom. Briny, but not fishy. Try something new with organic oarweed from Lofoten.

How to use oarweed

Oarweed, like Japanese kombu, makes an excellent base for soups and broths. Simmer for just 30 minutes to make dashi - the base for a multitude of Asian soups and stews. Pickled oarweed is also a great side dish for salads and sandwiches - check out our recipe page for more details!


Whole leaf oarweed, known as Laminara digitata.


May contain traces of shellfish

Storage: Keep dry and sealed

Weight: 25g


Oarweed is naturally high in iodine. We recommend blanching before eating. Blanching kelp can reduce iodine content by up to 90%.

Too much iodine intake can affect the thyroid gland. Recommended daily allowance 0.15mg, upper limit 0.6mg.

Weight 25 g
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