Oarweed (Kombu)


Whole leaf dried oarweed. Rich and savoury, oarweed has thick blades with a hearty mineral flavour. Full of umami with notes of mushroom. Just like Japanese kombu, makes an excellent base for soups and broths. Simmer for just 30 minutes to make dashi – the base for a multitude of Asian soups and stews. Pickled oarweed is also a great side dish for salads and sandwiches – check out our recipe page for more details! Try something new with organic oarweed from Lofoten.

Ingredients: Whole leaf oarweed (Laminara digitata).

Allergies: May contain traces of shellfish.

Storage: Keep dry and sealed.

Weight: 25g

Oarweed is naturally high in iodine. We recommend blanching before eating. Blanching kelp can reduce iodine content by up to 90%. Too much iodine can affect the thyroid gland. Recommended daily allowance 0.15mg, upper daily limit 0.6mg.