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Sugar Kelp (Sweet Kombu)


Whole leaf dried sugar kelp. Named for its characteristic sweetness, caused by the natural sugar mannitol. Try something new in the kitchen with this delicious ocean vegetable.

How to use sugar kelp

Sugar kelp, like Japanese kombu, makes an excellent base for soups and broths. It has thicker leaves which are good for wrapping and steaming meat and vegetables. Soak overnight, slice and add to coleslaw for extra crunch!


Whole leaf sugar kelp, known as Saccharina latissima.


May contain traces of shellfish

Storage: Keep dry and sealed

Weight: 25g


Sugar kelp is naturally high in iodine. We recommend blanching before eating. Blanching kelp can reduce iodine content by up to 90%.

Too much iodine intake can affect the thyroid gland. Recommended daily allowance 0.15mg, upper limit 0.6mg.

Weight 25 g
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