Lofoten Seaweed now on Amazon


Norwegian-female-owned Lofoten Seaweed brand now available on Amazon Grocery
Lofoten, Norway, September 3, 2021- The most nutritious plant on the planet is now available across the globe, and directly to you on Amazon Prime in the US. From a small fishing town in Arctic Norway, Lofoten Seaweed™ sustainably harvests pure, natural, and nutrition-packed seaweed, which is used for salts and seasonings for the consumer and restaurant market. There is almost no dish, smoothie, soup, or avocado toast that seaweed doesn’t add flavor and delicious taste to.
Just launched today, Lofoten Seaweed’s flagship products: Simply Seaweed Blend, Smokey Seaweed Salt, and Arctic Seaweed Salts are available for purchase directly on Amazon. More of the brand’s line are expected to follow in the coming months for fast nation-wide shipping. This includes an entire catalog of pastas, chocolates, home goods, and recipes in their online store for corporate gifts and wholesale requests.
This is not like other kelp. Lofoten Seaweed is grown, harvested and packaged in the beautiful islands of Lofoten. It is home to one of the world’s strongest tidal currents and this fast-flowing, nutrient-rich water provides optimal growth conditions for seaweed and kelp. The production is based on sustainable harvesting methods whilst closely monitoring the ecosystem to ensure
minimal impact. Additionally, the seaweed is certified Norwegian organic, has full traceability, and minimal use of plastic!
“If any plant is worthy of the term “superfood”, it’s seaweed, as much for its environmental benefits as its potent nutritional properties” – Dr. Gunhild Stordalen, Founder and Executive Chair of EAT Foundation.
For all those who love furikake, umami flavors and everything Norwegian try Lofoten Seaweed’s unique blends.
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About Lofoten Seaweed™:
Arctic Norway meets Japanese traditions in these premium sprinkles made with hand-harvested and locally farmed seaweed from the remote Lofoten Islands of Norway. Founded by two female entrepreneurs and best friends, Lofoten Seaweed combine their love for the ocean and passion for food to put seaweed on every table. Seaweed is a sustainable and planet-friendly superfood packed with nutrient including vitamin B12, omega-3, magnesium, iodine and contains less salt than traditional table salt.