Lofoten Seaweed Spice Blends

Today is a big day… it’s the day that we can finally share with you the project that we’ve been working on in secret since the beginning of 2022! We’re very excited to announce that we’re launching a new range of products – the Lofoten Seaweed Spice Blends!

Since 2016 we’ve been promoting our flagship range of seaweed salts in the characteristic round boxes that have become well-known in Norway. We’ve been pleased to discover that people have really responded to our vision and ethos – pure, natural ingredients, straight from the ocean to the table. But it’s not always been smooth sailing! Like any small business owner will tell you, there are always obstacles to overcome as you grow. Some of the feedback we’ve heard most often is that despite their curiosity, people are still unsure about how to incorporate seaweed into their meals.

It was this that gave us the idea to start researching a new range of products, even more accessible than our seaweed salts. We needed to provide a simple solution for people who want to eat more seaweed, but aren’t sure how. We know how popular spice blends are in Norway, and as seaweed is a natural flavour enhancer, it was a no-brainer for us to create our own! We began experimenting with flavours back in the beginning of the year, and soon settled on our three flavours: Wok & Greens, Fish & Seafood, BBQ & Meat.

Our vision was clear from the beginning: to create seaweed spice blends for cooks that care about natural, sustainable ingredients, and that want to introduce more seaweed into their diets. However, even though we had a clear idea of what we wanted, it still took many months of experimentation before we perfected the flavours! A huge amount of effort and consideration has been put into these finished products, and we couldn’t be happier with them.

We’re making these products with Push & Dose technology – and we’re the first company in Norway that’s had this technology licensed for food use. So when we say we’re using innovative packaging, it really is the truth; you won’t find another food product like this in Norway. We’re happy to say that cooking with seaweed now really could not be any easier!

After two years of operating our pop-up restaurant Tangeriet, we’re feeling more energised than ever to find more ways for people to introduce seaweed into their diets. As that project has now come to a natural conclusion, these spice blends feel like the perfect next step for Lofoten Seaweed. We hope you enjoy tasting them as much as we enjoyed creating them.