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Winged kelp

How to use Organic Winged Kelp

Soak whole, simmer, fry or crush this into your favourite dishes. This whole leaf seaweed can be used as a vegetable or salad leaf. Especially good when soaked in warm water and used in salads and soups. It can be combined with fish, meat and veggies.


Whole leaf winged kelp, or Atlantic Wakame, also known as Alaria esculenta


May contain traces of shellfish

Storage: Keep dry and sealed

Weight: 25g


We recommend blanching before eating. Blanching kelp can reduce iodine content by up to 90%.

Too much iodine intake can affect the thyroid gland. Recommended daily allowance 0.15mg, upper limit 0.6mg.

Nutritional table:

Type Per 100g Per serving (0.3 grams)
Energy (KJ) 861 2.8
Fats (g) 2.2 0.01
Carbohydrats (g) 17 0.06
inc. sugar (g) 0.1 0
Fibers (g) 40.8 0.13
Proteins (g) 10.1 0.03
Salt (g) 3.5 0.01
Iodine (mg) 46.4 0.15
% DRI (0.15mg) 99%


Weight 25 g
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