Dark chocolate with sweet kombu


Craving chocolate?  We’ve combined two of our favorite superfoods to give you a magnesium-rich, salty chocolate treat.  Made by hand, by Craig Alibone in Bodø

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How to use

Can help stop cravings and reduce cramping if eaten frequently. Also goes great paired with a glass of red wine!


Manjari dark chocolate and sweet kombu, also called sugar kelp (Saccharina lattisima)


Keep dry and sealed




  • Sea to table... it’s how we like to do things!
  • Just another Lofoten grocery run!
  • Don’t know what to make for dinner tonight? Tacos with some of our Umami seaweed seasoning sprinkled on top!
  • Nighttime seaweed harvesting! Much of our work heavily depends on the tide, so we sometimes have to go out during the later hours!
  • Seaweed is more nutrient-rich than almost any vegetable you would find on land. From calcium and magnesium, to iron and zinc, a spoonful of dried seaweed will give you all the minerals you need!
  • It’s barely considered work when your office looks like this!

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