Dark Chocolate with Sugar Kelp


From master chocolatier Craig Alibone. Manjari dark chocolate is made with rare, single-origin Madagascan cocoa beans. An acidic bouquet with notes of red fruits, infused with umami-rich sugar kelp from Lofoten. A tantalising taste and silky smooth texture combine to make a deliciously indulgent treat.

Dark and fruity manjari chocolate with organic sugar kelp.

Product description:

Satisfy your chocolate cravings with our delicious dark chocolate with sugar kelp. We've combined two of our favourite superfoods to give you a salty-sweet chocolate treat. Handmade by award winning chocolatier Craig Alibone from his Pâtisserie & Champagneria in Bodø.

Sustainably harvested seaweed from arctic Norway

Hand made

High quality chocolate

Perfect eco-friendly gift

Sweet Kombu & Manjari 64% Dark Chocolate

How to use:

Take your time and enjoy every bite. Goes great paired with a glass of red wine!


Manjari dark chocolate, cacao powder, sugar, cacao butter, sugar kelp (Saccharina latissima), powder milk, soy lecithin.


This product may contain traces of shellfish, nuts, gluten, lupin, egg.

Storage: Keep dry and sealed between 14 and 16°C.

Weight: 70g

Address of the manufacturer:

Storgata 3, 8006
Bodø, Norway