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Asian Food Lover’s Starter Pack


Our Asian Food Lover’s Starter Pack includes Lofoten Umami, TAK Furikake, and Wok & Greens Spice Blend. From sushi to stir-fry, dal to dim sum, we’ve adopted thousands of delicious dishes from Asia into our Western kitchens. If you or your loved one is a fan of any of them, then the Asian Food Lover’s Starter Pack is perfect for you!

This starter pack is the ideal seaweed toolkit for people who love Asian-inspired dishes. Lofoten Umami is an aromatic topping containing authentic Lofoten stockfish and ume flavoured sesame seeds. TAK Furikake contains puffed rice for extra crunchy texture. Wok & Greens Spice Blend is a fragrant mix of coriander, lime, garlic and seaweed, which compliments many of the most beloved Asian-inspired dishes.

This bundle is packed and sent in one of our stylish branded gift boxes* at no extra charge.

*Norway only.

Non-bundle price: 337kr

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Lofoten Umami

Ingredients: Organic wild Winged Kelp (Alaria esculenta) (49%), Stockfish (Gadus morhua, fished with longline, Norwegian Sea) (19%), Dulse (Palmaria palmata) (9%), farmed Winged Kelp (Alaria esculenta) (9%), white sesame seeds (7%), black sesame seeds (7%)

Nutritional values per 100g: Energy KJ/Kcal (1034/247), Fat (10g), Carbohydrate (11.6g), of which sugars (0.2g), Fibre (27g), Protein (22.9g), Salt (2.5g).

Allergies: shellfish, fish and sesame seeds.

Storage: Keep dry and sealed

Weight: 40g

This product contains 29mg iodine per 100g. Recommended daily intake is 0.15mg, upper daily limit 0.6mg. Too much iodine can affect thyroid function.

TAK Furikake

Ingredients: Winged kelp (Alaria esculenta), ume sesame seeds (contains fish sauce), puffed rice.

Allergies: May contain traces of shellfish.

Storage: Keep dry and sealed.

Weight: 20g

WOK & Greens Spice Blend

Ingredients: Sea salt, winged kelp, onion, garlic, natural flavouring, glucose (corn), coriander leaf, ginger, lime juice powder, coriander, pepper, jalapeños, rapeseed oil.

Nutritional information per 100g: Energy KJ/Kcal (865/207), Fat (1.3g), of which saturates (0.2g), Carbohydrates (40g), of which sugars (2.6g), Protein (6.7g), Fibre (4.4g), Salt (35.4).

Weight: 44g

Contains 28mg iodine per 100g. Recommended daily intake 0.15mg (1tsp), upper daily limit 0.6mg. Too much iodine can affect thyroid function.

Gluten free, suitable for vegans

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