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Tang Smoothie

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A fresh green smoothie is a great way to start your day, and a fantastic option for a plant-based breakfast. Smoothies are endlessly customisable, can be prepared in advance, are bursting with vitamins and are totally delicious to boot! Make sure that your smoothie contains enough protein to keep you full for hours by adding seeds or yoghurt to your recipe. We’ve used flax seeds here, but chia seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are also great alternatives. The addition of seaweed to your smoothie will ensure that you get a hit of flavour as well as a health boost, because seaweed is a natural flavour-enhancer. You can also try freezing your smoothie mix in ice cream moulds for a refreshing summer treat!
Makes 2-3 portions
12 minutes


15g Flax seeds
70ml Orange juice
10g Arctic Ocean Greens
30g Kale, washed
300ml Oat milk
1 Banana
1bsp honey


Mix orange juice with flax seeds and seaweed and leave it to soak for 10 minutes.
Place all the other ingredients in a blender, then add the orange juice mixture. Blend until smooth.
Top with berries, pumpkin seeds, granola, yoghurt, an extra sprinkle of Arctic Ocean Greens, or whatever your favourite smoothie topping is!

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Visste du at tang og tare er de mest næringsrike plantene på planeten?  Gi deg selv et boost med vitaminer og mineraler med et liten dæsj om dagen.  Arctic Ocean Greens er en naturlige blanding av butare og søl, med en god smak av umami. Helt enkelt- dryss påmaten din.
✓ Økologisk sertifisert ✓ Bærekraftig høstet i Lofoten ✓ 100% naturlig ✓ Perfekt for vegansk og plantebasert kosthold ✓ Full av vitaminer og mineraler ✓ Naturlig kilde til jod ✓ Glutenfritt ✓ Saltfritt ✓ Perfekt gave fra havet

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