Simply Seaweed

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A beautiful blend of 3 different seaweeds- Sukketare/Sugar Kelp, Søl/Dulse and Butare/Winged Kelp.

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A blend of organic seaweed

How to use

This light seaweed sprinkle contains nothing but seaweed and is perfect as a pesto, tartare, or as a sprinkle over any seafood dish. Great as a natural salt alternative or to add that unique umami flavour to any meal!


Winged kelp (Alaria esculenta), Sugar kelp (Saccharina latissima), Dulse (Palmaria palmata).


This product may contain traces of shellfish, stockfish and sesame seeds.


Keep dry and sealed

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Solhøgdveien 16
NO-8382 Napp
Made in Norway with Norwegian ingredients


This product contains 100 mg iodine per 100 g. Recommended daily intake is 0.15 mg.
Too much iodine intake can affect the thyroid gland.


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Weight 60 g