Best Rainy Day Activities in Lofoten

Lofoten, known for its stunning landscapes and dramatic fjords, is a dream destination for many travellers. While sunny days here are spectacular, a rainy day in Lofoten doesn’t have to dampen your spirits! With unique indoor activities that cover the gamut of the islands’ rich culture, history, and flavours, there is still plenty to do when the heavens open. Whether you’re seeking cultural experiences, culinary delights, or relaxing retreats, here are the top rainy day activities in Lofoten to make the most of your visit.

1. Lofoten Seaweed’s Ocean Shop in Napp

The top recommendation for a rainy day in Lofoten is visiting our Ocean Shop in Napp! Our shop-cum-experience centre offers a deep dive into the world of sustainably harvested seaweed. At the Ocean Shop, you can learn about the various types of seaweed we harvest, their health benefits, and how to incorporate seaweed into your diet. Our award-winning products make beautiful souvenirs and gift options for your friends and family.

We also have a stunning range of hand-made ceramics from a local artist, we serve fresh filter coffee, and you can pick up one of our delicious muesli bars, which are made in the local bakery. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always ready to chat about seaweed, making this an educational and enriching experience.

Museums and Cultural Centers

2. The Glass Museum at Vikten

Explore the artistic endeavours of the Glass Museum in Vikten, where you can witness the intricate art of glassblowing. This museum showcases stunning glass pieces and offers insights into the craftsmanship involved. You can also enjoy a coffee and a snack in their cozy cafe.

3. The Viking Museum at Borg

Step back in time at the Viking Museum in Borg. This museum features a reconstructed Viking longhouse and exhibits that offer a glimpse into the life and times of the Vikings who once inhabited the region. The interactive displays and artefacts make it a fascinating visit.

4. Lofoten War Museum in Svolvær

Dive into the region’s World War II history at the Lofoten War Museum. With an extensive collection of artefacts, photographs, and documents, this museum provides a profound insight into the wartime experiences of Lofoten’s residents.

5. Galleri Espolin in Kabelvåg

For art enthusiasts, Galleri Espolin is a must-visit. This gallery showcases the works of Kaare Espolin Johnson, known for his evocative depictions of Northern Norway’s landscapes and people. The intimate setting and stunning pieces provide a perfect refuge from the rain.

6. Galleri Eva Harr in Reine

Another gem for art lovers, Galleri Eva Harr in Reine, features beautiful paintings that capture the essence of Lofoten’s landscapes. The gallery offers a serene environment to appreciate the local art scene.

7. The Norwegian Fishing Village Museum in Å

Head to Å to explore the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum. This museum provides a comprehensive look at the region’s fishing heritage, with exhibits that detail the history and significance of fishing in Lofoten. You can also pick up a cinnamon bun from Å’s famous historical bakery while you’re there.

8. Meieriet Kultursenter in Leknes

Meieriet Kultursenter in Leknes is a cultural hub featuring a cinema, concert hall, and library. It’s an ideal spot to catch a movie, enjoy a live performance, or relax with a good book.

Culinary Experiences

9. Anita’s Seafood in Sakrisøy

A rainy day is perfect for indulging in some local seafood at Anita’s Seafood in Sakrisøy. Enjoy fresh and delicious dishes while taking in the cozy atmosphere of this charming eatery.

10. Lofoten Gårdsysteri’s Farm Shop

Visit Lofoten Gårdsysteri’s farm shop for a taste of their award-winning cheeses and sausages. Look out for Steinfjorden Havsmak, which is made using our truffle seaweed!

Relaxation and Wellness

11. Saunas at Skårungen in Kabelvåg and Catogården in Reine

Rainy days provide the perfect excuse to unwind in a sauna. Both Skårungen in Kabelvåg and Catogården in Reine offer excellent sauna facilities where you can relax and rejuvenate while enjoying the soothing sound of the rain outside. And, since you’re already wet, why not follow the Scandinavian tradition of a quick dip in the icy ocean?

Family-Friendly Activities

12. Lofoten Aquarium in Kabelvåg

The Lofoten Aquarium in Kabelvåg is a fantastic indoor activity for families. It offers a chance to learn about the marine life of the region, with exhibits that are both educational and engaging for all ages.


A rainy day in Lofoten is an opportunity to explore its hidden gems. Whether you’re delving into the fascinating world of seaweed at our Ocean Shop, uncovering history at various museums, indulging in local culinary delights, or simply relaxing in a sauna, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. Embrace the rain and discover the indoor delights that Lofoten has to offer, making your visit memorable regardless of the weather.