Whole Leaf Winged Kelp – 50 grams


Whole leaf winged kelp – a nutricious superfood wild harvested in Lofoten.

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How to use

Crush and sprinkle into your cooking or onto your food at the table. It can be combined with fish, meat and veggies.


Whole leaf winged kelp, known locally as butare (Alaria esculenta)


May contain traces of shellfish


Keep dry and sealed




  • Sea to table... it’s how we like to do things!
  • Just another Lofoten grocery run!
  • Don’t know what to make for dinner tonight? Tacos with some of our Umami seaweed seasoning sprinkled on top!
  • Nighttime seaweed harvesting! Much of our work heavily depends on the tide, so we sometimes have to go out during the later hours!
  • Seaweed is more nutrient-rich than almost any vegetable you would find on land. From calcium and magnesium, to iron and zinc, a spoonful of dried seaweed will give you all the minerals you need!
  • It’s barely considered work when your office looks like this!

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