Lofoten Umami

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Combining the best of both worlds, seaweed and stock fish from Lofoten, with age-old Japanese food traditions. A tasty all-round sprinkle of seaweed, stock fish, prawns and sesame seeds—suitable for all ages and palates. A healthy alternative to salt and a hearty taste from the sea.

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How to use:

Named Furikake in Japanese, this is traditionally a sprinkled on rice but  can also add great flavour to all kinds of seafood, from king crab to a salmon fillet! For a special breakfast, use it as a topping for avocado toast or a fried egg. If you’re a sushi lover – add it to your maki roll.


Sesame seeds (white/black), stockfish, sweet kombu (Saccharina latissima), Arctic nori (Porphyria umbilicalis), Atlantic wakame (Alaria esculenta), dulce (Palmaria palmata), salt, sugar, vinegar.


Sesame seeds, fish,


Keep dry and sealed



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Weight 40 g