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Arctic Seaweed Salt (Minibox)


Say hello to your  healthy and new favourite seaweed salt. Adding color, nutrition and taste to every meal.

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Organic seaweed and sea salt

How to use

Sprinkle into your cooking in place of salt or onto your food at the table. It can be combined with fish, meat and veggies. With seaweed, sea salt is healthier, a perfect way to treat your body and soul.


Norwegian Sea salt (86%), organic wildgrowing Winged kelp (Alaria esculenta) (14%)


This product may contain traces of shellfish

Storage: Keep dry and sealed

Net weight: 20g


This product contains 6 mg iodine per 100 g. Recommended daily intake is 0.15 mg.
Too much iodine intake can affect the thyroid gland. We recommend you to use maximum 5/4 teaspoon per person per day.

Nutritional table:

Type Per 100g Per serving (1/3 teaspoon)
Energy (KJ) 320 6.8
Fats (g) 0.9 0.03
Carbohydrats (g) 7.5 0.22
inc. sugar (g) 0.2 0.001
Fibers (g) 6.7 0.18
Proteins (g) 1.4 0.04
Salt (g) 77 2.39
Iodine (mg) 6 0.15
% DRI (0.15mg) 100%