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Looking for a unique, luxurious and environmentally-friendly gift for a loved one or colleague? Look no further than our gorgeous seaweed collection!

Personal Gifts:

All of our organic certified, sustainably-harvested products can be added to one of our beautiful gift boxes. Check out our pre-made gift boxes or drop us a line at post@lofotenseaweed.com if you would like to create a custom combination that is as unique as the person receiving the gift.

Corporate Gifts:

We have delivered many corporate gifts to companies around Norway and Europe. If you want to give your employee a delicious, nutritious, luxury treat, then a Lofoten Seaweed gift box might be the perfect solution for you.

We would be happy to put together a gift box for your company that is tailored to your individual needs. We can also include a personalised message, so you can thank your team for their positive impact, whilst making a positive impact of your own.

For more details please contact sales@lofotenseaweed.com.

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