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On the menu

On the menu

We are proud to see our seaweed on the menu at some truly amazing establishments. We are privileged to supply some of Norway’s finest restaurants with our exceptional raw produce, as well as Michelin-starred and Bocuse d’Or winning chefs across the continent. Our seaweed can be provided fresh* or dried, whole or milled, and has a huge range of applications in a professional kitchen. Hand-harvested from the pure, nutrient-rich waters of the Lofoten archipelago, our seaweed is of exceptional quality, and we invite you to explore this new spectrum of flavour. View our catalogue here.

Kvitnes Gård

Halvar Ellingsen

Previously he worked for several of the finest restaurants in Norway; Bagatelle. Head chef of Palace Grill. Sous chef of Ylajali and Arakataka. He was on the National Culinary Team, had won the National Culinary Championship, and been awarded culinary prizes. He longed to do something different. Build something from scratch. Kvitnes farm had all the potential. With ambitious land owner Helge Mørck on board, his relentless approach was facilitated for.


Restaurant Ceto

Mauro Colagreco

Convinced of the benefits of short circuits and strong links he has forged with nature, chef Mauro Colagreco is committed and develops a Circular Gastronomy in the respect of nature’s cycle. He has been able to break the codes and is working relentlessly to participate in the environmental transition. A chef without borders, constantly on the move, he rubs shoulders with excellence in all its simplicity.


Team Norway, Bocuse d’Or 2017, 2019, 2023

Filip August Bendi

TAK Oslo | TAK Stockholm

Frida Ronge

The restaurant in Oslo has the same concept as in Stockholm with Nordic-Japanese gastronomy. The dishes show unique combinations with Norwegian and Japanese cuisine, where I am inspired by unique Norwegian ingredients such as dried cod, bokna fish, seaweed & brown cheese.


Holmen Lofoten

Richard Cox

Our local surroundings provide an incredibly rich selection of fauna and flora, and our kitchen team with Richard Cox at the helm is always on the search for locally available produce. Coalfish, cod and halibut, seaweed, wild mushrooms and berries, snow hares, grouse and lamb (to name but a few) mean that this unique landscape dictates our daily menus.


Lofoten Food Studio

Roy Magne Berlund

Being an innovator can be very demanding. The constant chase, the liberating feeling of finding the solution and making the decisions by yourself, it is so incredibly satisfying! With this as a backdrop, I have restored a small outhouse in my garden and turned it into a private restaurant and culinary playground where I can discover myself. 


Restaurant Rest

Jimmy Øien

Despite his young age, Jimmy already has experience from Palace Grill in Oslo, the Culinary Academy, the cookery team, Bocuse d’Or as Ørjan Johannessen’s commis when he took gold in 2015 and also worked for Regis Macron in France


Omakase Oslo

Vladimir Pak

Chef Vladimir Pak, awarded the gold medal in the World Sushi Cup 2017, is one of the most influential sushi chefs in the world at the moment. He combines his love for tradition together with his innovative skills to offer you a world class sushi experience. Omakase means “trust the chef” and chef Pak and his team seeks to continue the Edomae tradition of the local by using only the finest sustainable ingredients available, mainly from Norway, combined with Tokyo cuisine.


Einer | Einvær

Svein Trandem

Our menu is our take of Norwegian flavours. Everything that ends up on your table comes from farmers, growers or produce that is sourced here in Norway with sustainable standards and animal wellbeing as a priority.



Sakirat Waraich

Sakirat Waraich is a London-educated dentist whose passion for food led her to MasterChef® shown on Norwegian television screens in 2020. Her unique way of letting locally produced Norwegian ingredients coexist with traditional Indian flavours has gained acclaim and popularity wherever she goes.



Randi Skaug

Randi Skaug is a Norwegian adventurer, author, lecturer and inspiration. She became the first Norwegian woman to climb Mount Everest, 20 May 2004. It is said of Randi Skaug “that there is no hope for anyone who is not inspired by her”



Kevin Karlsson

We serve authentic dining experiences of high quality – always with a big smile. Our main goal is to produce good and traditional food from local suppliers, while focusing on what the sea in Lofoten provides for the season.


*dependent on season.

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