Restaurant Tangeriet

“I had never in my life imagined such wonderful food…”

In 2021 we opened the doors of our flagship restaurant, Tangeriet. After a wildly successful first year, we invite you to come and kos deg with our exciting, seaweed-based menu.
tangeriet head chef

Head chef Jacek Kukielka is the talent behind Tangeriet. Having worked everywhere from Michelin-starred restaurants to Tibetan temples, Jacek’s colourful history in hospitality has given him the creativity and skills to breathe life into our seaweed-based restaurant concept.

Our seasonal menu changes daily depending on the produce available, working with nature to provide the best possible dining experience. We operate a zero-waste policy, meaning that every part of any plant or animal product that comes through our doors is used to make something delicious. You can expect tantalising seaweed-based dishes that will surprise, delight, and maybe even challenge your perceptions!

We have an intimate and cosy venue in Napp. From the restaurant we overlook Nappstraumen, one of the world’s strongest ocean currents, and home to the wild-grown seaweed that is hand-harvested and carefully crafted into our multi-course taster menu.

Tangeriet is located at Flakstadveien 73, 10 minutes from Leknes along the E10 towards Å.

Contact us via email at post@lofotenseaweed.com or find us on Facebook with @tangerietlofoten. Private bookings are available.

Reviews of Tangeriet

Lucky enough we landed in an inferno of food and gin last night!

This is a place that should be bucket-listed by everyone travelling trough Lofoten.

Someone said the food was world class, and it really is!

Sotra, July 11th 2021

Tangeriet is really worth the visit when going to Lofoten. The food was amazing and the people working there was super nice and service minded. I really recommend eating at Tangeriet.

Mathilde, July 28th 2021

Visited with friends and had the 5-course menu, which offered a pleasant journey through fresh and delicious servings, all including seaweed in different forms; fresh, dried, as seasoning, pureed and infused in oil. Very creative thinking by the chef! 

Ingride, July 7th 2021