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New year 2022 Campaign


Kick-start 2022 with our new campaign

This years first campaign! We want to give you a healthy start on Veganuary by giving you a free pack of Seaweed for Bread when buying our superfood Simply Seaweed!

Make your baking even healthier by adding a dash of Seaweed for Bread to your dough. Not sure how to use it? Have a look at our healthy recipes for some inspiration.

You’ll also be helping the planet by using one of our zero-waste products. Seaweed for Bread is made from the tougher parts of the leaf that would otherwise be discarded (the stems for example). After drying and milling these parts, you’re left with a fine powder that is packed full of vitamins and minerals!

By adding Simply Seaweed to your smoothie, granola or porridge, you boost the nutritional value of the meal while adding delicious flavours.

Seaweed contains all the vitamins and minerals your body needs, including gut-healthy polysaccharides, brain-enhancing omega 3s, muscle-building amino acids, and skin-brightening antioxidants.

Boost your health this year by adding more seaweed to your meals.

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